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How about a cheap tool to Master Your Audio Book Collection?

You're a listener (or about to) of Audiobooks, but you want to keep count of which ones you own, and if you listened to them, why not use 'My Audiobook Collection'?

Did you forget where you left the audiofiles? Do you want to know how much listend pleasure you will have?

Try My Audiobook Collection!

Have a look at the screenshots, and buy a license for life, no annual fees at all.

01. Save your Database anywhere you want.
02. Save the Database anytime you want.
03. Make a backup of either your covers or Database or both (zipped).
04. Import your own Audiobook list.
05. Copy the (fully configurable) Audiobook info to the Clipboard.
06. Edit any aspect of your Audiobook.
07. Scan al your Audiobooks to collect the information, e.g. duration, quality and more...
08. Collect the information from your Audiobook automatically (Google Books).
09. Add your Audiobook information to you Audiofiles (Tags) (mp3 / m4a / m4b / ogg), so you can see them in iTunes and on your Portable Audio Device (iPod / Zune).
10. Edit the Tags in your Audiobook Files per file.
11. Found a cover better than the one offered? Just Copy an paste it.
12. Find information automatically or on several other sites.

Information available per Audiobook:
a. Title
b. Series
c. Author
d. Genre(s)
e. Rating
f. Year
g. ISBN / ISBN13
h. pages count
i. Publisher
j. Synopsis
k. Language
l. Listened
m. Unabridged
n. Sound Quality
o. MPEG Layer Version
p. Frame rate
q. Duration / Playtime
r. File(s) Location
s. Total File(s) Size
t. File Count
u. Cover
Much more to come....

What's keeping you?

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